Seniors Programs

There is a long-standing need to address and resolve senior’s issues on all the Islands. We encourage seniors to stay involved through seniors programs, on the Islands and maintain contact with and advise local senior’s organizations.

Many of the SGIs seniors live on limited incomes and have been affected both by increased costs for health care, and decreased access to services, such as home support. As part of our ongoing efforts to support this vulnerable population, a range of seniors programs using local facilities have been designed to help keep seniors active, engaged, and connected to the health and social services they need as well as offer networking and social opportunities.

The SGI Neighbourhood House (NH) also works to increase access to government and other needed services off the Islands. New opportunities have also been added for participants to become involved in intergenerational programs to help tackle loneliness, isolation, and fear among seniors themselves and many of the Islands children.

Computer Savvy Seniors (CSS)

CSS for seniors poster for all islands.

The Computer Savvy Seniors Program (CSS) provides computer courses and workshops on topics of importance and interest to seniors. Seniors who have completed computer courses and workshops serve as mentors and work directly with seniors taking the courses and workshops on all four Southern Gulf Islands.  Workshops may also be facilitated by local experts.

CSS courses offer something for everyone with a broad range of topics such as avoiding online fraud, basic computer skills, building an online business, using photography and writing software, using Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify, and accessing online health and government sites. 

The cost for each session is $5.00

Seniors gathered around a large table sitting in front of computers.

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January 2024 In-Person Workshops on Pender Island

To register please call 629-3665 or email us at

Do you have a special talent or skill that you’d like to share ? 

Reach out via phone: (250) 629-3665  Or Email: and we can assist in setting up a work shop featuring YOU and YOUR talents 

Helpline: 250-629-3665

A One-Stop Information Helpline provides general information on health, transportation, education, housing, and finances, as well as referrals and help for caregivers and legal advice across the Islands.

It includes:

Support via the Computer Savvy Seniors Initiative including assisting with virtual communication set-up (Facebook, Skype, etc.) to maintain connection to family and friends. 
Appropriate referrals to community service agencies/programs including the BC Senior’s Abuse Line, the local health centres, BC 211, Volunteer Victoria, emergency services and more.
Support with transportation to local organizations, the local on-island stores, and services – volunteer drivers or car sharing are used (Covid limited).
Access to online informational/educational resources via the library and local bookstore – volunteer driven.
Helping with inventory of basic essentials. Seniors who may face barriers to obtaining food and other essential supplies where needed by providing sourcing of these essential supplies.

Grandparent Storytelling

Many of the Islands’ seniors are eager to pass on stories of their youth on the islands and a new ‘Grandparent Storytelling’ project allows senior volunteers to share their stories. In collaboration with the podcast ‘The Stories That Brought You Here‘, Penderites give one-on-one interviews with host, Chris Wakaluk, about what brought them to Pender Island, B.C. – Discover the stories that brought them to this amazing little island and also the stories that brought them to this point in their lives.

Island Kindness Project

The Pender Island Kindness Program continues the Emergency Relief Fund.  This fund provides financial assistance to Pender Island community members who have needs that cannot wait until larger government funds are received.  The funds are dispersed as Tru Value gift cards ($50, $100 or $200 denominations, depending on family size), or as micro-grants (up to $500).  This will continue on an ongoing basis, as long as the need exists within the community, and as long as the donations continue.  Donations can be made via e-transfer to islandkindness@sginh.caPlease note that we have created this e-transfer account specifically for the Island Kindness program. 

A special THANK YOU to Pender Island’s Tru Value Foods and the Green Angels for their generous contributions to this program.